The US is the favourite destination for thousands of young Indians looking to add a foreign degree to their Curriculum Vitae. Universities in the US offer a wide range of graduate programs in various fields like science, finance, entrepreneurship, etc. All leading institutions in the US conduct a student orientation program, which helps a student to adapt to life in the US.

The US is made of 50 states and is one of the largest countries in the world. The education system in the US is very different than the education system in any other country.

American jobs are across all the sectors and not just the IT sector. H1B’s and companies with H1B’s are serving US software companies over 2 decades. A group of US professors has found out that the new terms will lead to greater opportunities for the international students. Trump also said – “With Indian candidates possessing strong basics and valuable job experience, they would always be in demand in the American Industry.” The perceptions that have been revolving around the H1B visa process is not a reality. With over 70% of the emerging jobs in the US streaming off in the field of Finance, computer science, software engineering, and others, there is no shortage of opportunities for Indian Students.

Indian candidates are well respected by recruiters and the market in the US as not enough science, technology, mathematics, and engineering majors are available there. With the availability of this there having a highly paid reputation, Indian students who worry about paying off student loans can be confidently optimistic.

Also, it has been observed that with 60% of the jobs in the next 10 years are yet to be created, the potential to learn and adapt one’s knowledge at a constant pace even after graduation becomes essential.

It has been observed that approx. 70% of the Indian students have no jobs in India after 6 months of graduation. In the same university, in the same course, some students get placed while others don’t.

At the end of the day, there will always be jobs for people with strong skills in fields like IT, software engineering, analytics, etc. but those who are relying on getting an easier way by just graduating from the US may have to bite a bullet.

Richmond said - “We have a research engine that needs to be fueled, and that fuel is really our graduate students,” “So, as we continue to try to attract the best and brightest in our country, we also seek to attract the best and brightest from these other countries.”

The US, Canada, and Australia are among the most popular destinations for Indians obtaining Global education. Some students look for top-ranked universities, irrespective of the employment opportunities while others think of the permanent residence to settle there as a priority after graduation and post-graduation.

Students have a different motive and different mindset and plan to study abroad. Some students might choose to study abroad due to high-quality education at a particular foreign university whereas some will choose to study at a foreign university because of the relative ease in getting admission in comparison to the Indian Universities of the same stature.

Job outsourcing is a very common method that is used in the US. It is when the US companies hire foreign workers mainly Indians for that matter instead of Americans. This creates a great opportunity for Indian Students to gain experience and knowledge. In the year 2013 US overseas employed 14 million workers. The four industries which were more affected were technology, call centers, human resources, and manufacturing.

The effect of job outsourcing is that it helps the US market to become more competitive in the global marketplace and also more involved with other countries prospects. It also helps to maintain good relations with foreign countries.

Also, a research was conducted on the international student experience with a crucial finding -

International students who graduated from the US and got a good job and work experience there are more likely to recommend that to their peers. Respondents were asked about their satisfaction levels in the current year and discovered that- “The vast majority of both current international students and the international alumni concluded that their US education was a good investment”.

It was also found that the majority of the international students gave a very positive response about their career prospects. Also, the employers struggle to attract new employees and international students are resulting in higher salaries and more perks in the US job market. Moreover, the unemployment rate has decreased in the US as per the information published in 2018 and this is the reason it has become a more attractive thing for international students to get in.

Most Indian students pursue higher education in the US to earn a job. Although a master’s education in the US is the best in the world, it is very expensive. Therefore, most students fund their education through loans. The only way to clear those huge debts with less difficulty is to work in the US and also gain work experience because there’s nothing better than working in this country as in the current scenario the US has the biggest job market in the world.

It is very important for you to talk to various professors, teachers and other students who have studied in the US to know more about the real experience. This will give you an insight into US education and the tips they provide could help you to a large extent. Make sure you contact the right person. Build your contacts and networks to help you survive in a foreign world.

“US is the land of opportunities for Students”. The number of Indian Students now enrolling for their bachelor’s or master’s degree in the US is increasing day by day as the students now know the importance of US education and the job prospects that come with it. Also, the US being a job oriented country has tremendous job openings every month in every sector which attracts the Indian students.