Having good lifestyle is important for professional life. When you have good Lifestyle it makes good impression on anyone. Professional people from industries can meet you anywhere any time, if you dress well, be tidy and look sharp,  it makes big difference on your career. May be the person who sees you randomly sometime might offer you a lead or job. You do not need to wear anything fancy., even if you are in decent jeans and t-shirt with tidy look, it still gives good impression. Having a good lifestyle means, wearing decent clothes, keeping yourself clean, grooming, using deodorant, cologne, etc. You do not want to look like a caveman, who is trying to save money by avoiding a haircut and shaving.


It is hard as a student to have enough money to buy all fancy brands and wear cool stuff.  Also, as most of the students do not have cars, there is a problem with transportation to go to dollar stores or any other places to buy stuff for cheap. The least thing you can do is buy stuff at Wal-Mart.  You can get decent priced personal care items like cheap colone, body spray, etc. As a student you go to Wal-Mart for groceries, you can shop there for personal care items too.  For buying clothes, you will have to go to Outlet malls. Just ask your seniors to take you to outlet malls once during sale season and just buy there.

Well, the problem is not buying stuff…many of the students do buy stuff, but they do not use the stuff. They do not have  good habits or lifestyle.  Most of the students go to class, work in computer labs or library and them come home stinking because of various reasons like no cologne, walked all the way, did not wash clothes, etc.  Bottom line, as MS students in all reality, you may take 3 classes, why don’t you put in some time for personal hygiene and lifestyle ?  Not saying everyone stink…just my experience was bad with students I lived with and observation of others too. So, sharing the info.  If you do not, take time for having a clean and healthy lifestyle.
In my opinion, preparation from India :

DO NOT buy too many Indian style clothes. Buy only 3-4 pairs. Jeans + formal pants why?
1] You need to blend in American culture/fashion.  It is important for your career.
2]  Most of us are skinny, but after we come here, we will gain weight in 6months – 2 yrs. (pizza, French fires and may be pastas)
3]Some of the Indian top brands cost as much as American brands.

DO NOT buy too many Indian cookwares
1] If your university/room is close to Wal-Mart you can buy good set-of pans for $12.

*Please buy some cheap cologne from India for temporary use.
*Get a haircut, shorter the hair, better the look. (DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE WOMEN)

*Buy contact lenses and glasses/specs in India.
DO NOT buy expensive shoe/boots from India
1] you can buy a decent quality boot/shoe in America for less price. Again Wal-Mart or Outlet malls are good places.

– always wash your clothes.

– always keep the hair short.

– always dress sharp and look good.