• 100% loan for the amount certified by the school
  • Pre-approved loans to avoid processing delays while you decide on the best school
  • 4% to 7% per annum interest rate
  • Repayment tenure of up to 10 years
  • Counseled over 30,000 students helping them fund their dream
  • Finance your higher education all by yourself

Globalization has opened the doors for all international students to avail a superlative foreign education. "The Paras Education Foundation" (TPEF) is the premier provider of international student loan programs & finance options for education purposes worldwide [helping students to obtain @ interest rate 4% to 7% p.a (linked to Wall Street PLR or LIBOR) (Click here to check the current Prime Lending Rate), repayable by student only within 20 years].

We are doing our own bit to fuel this globalization by helping thousands of international students across their countries' border to pursue international study opportunities. We specialize in student financing / loan options for Study Abroad and we are confident that no other organization has our experience and expertise in student financing.

In past, there was little available to help international students pay for their education abroad. Scholarships are hard to find and the costs are high.

Therefore, recognizing the need for additional financial aid options, TPEF provides flexible / economical / affordable financial options. This foundation has counseled over 24,000 students realize their dream by providing them a bridge in the form of finance to get a great education. Our endeavor is to provide anyone and everyone (all the international students regardless of their nationality and their country of origin) with flexible financing options to fund their foreign education in a country of their choice.

Our message to all students- Don't let finance constraint your dreams, GO OUT, EXPLORE AND BEAT THE WORLD!” You have a partner to help you!