Are you dreading with stress and trying to figure out the whole royal thing that the UK is always known for? Don’t worry! The UK is a lot more than the royals and day dreaming about having a royal lunch with the royal family. We are certain that with the royal wedding of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle got you all wooed with the British culture.

Studying business in the UK offers many thrilling aspects of life. Due to its rich history and strategic location, UK will allow you to evolve and progress even more. It’s full of modern, financial centres, but there’s still the cultural side too.

Nevertheless, this blog contains everything you need to know about the British!

I am going to obviously start with my favorite, oops, my “favourite”.

The British Humour and Sarcasm -

It is definitely an acquired taste! They have to be on UNESCO’s world heritage list for their humour. Somebody please correct me if they already are! They can often put you down with their sarcasm but it is better to laugh along with them rather than be in an awkward silence. You have to get it straight in your head, that humour and sarcasm runs in every British person’s veins.

The English Weather -

You can carry clothes of all the weathers. The weather out there is very unpredictable. You can enjoy the spring there. If you are an Indian, you would probably still wear a jacket. But, it is the winter you should be wary of! The UK looks really beautiful with all that snow, but it gets really cold. You can sure catch up something if you don’t wrap yourself well. Ah, we are talking about the UK, how did I forget to mention the rains yet? Don’t worry! It doesn’t rain all the time. But, you can definitely carry a small umbrella in your bag all twelve months.

Polite and Quiet -

The British are undoubtedly very polite. You will hear ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Excuse me’, ‘Please’, etc. more often when in the Great Britain. Some people argue that they can be snobbish at times. Also, they are quiet and reserved. So, if you can probably be on the list of annoying people if you are among the people who talks aloud and too much. To cut short, if you want to make friends with them, you will have to act like a British! Heads up on that.

The Nightlife -

Unlike the USA and Mumbai, the UK sleeps at night. So if you are a night owl, then you will find a few restos and clubs open until the wee hours but make sure you have transportation option in place. You can meet some of the locals there and engage with them, but just be quiet on your way home.

We do not claim to give a precise, comprehensive and broad picture of the British culture. Irrespective of your nationality, you may find some of this research useful.

If you are reading this article and have studying in the UK in your mind, you are going to have the time of your life! With a place like Britain to live in and have super classy British friends, you are going to surely develop your taste and become intelligent and humorous. Also, don’t forget, you have a world class education that the UK has to offer with increase in job opportunities.

So, if you are still refraining yourself from spending on your education or taking an education loan for the UK, don’t. Note that this is just an investment, with beautiful returns!