- Khushi Dhruv

She believed she could, so she did!
Dr. Ketki Bagwe and her proud parents at Graduation Day, Boston!!
She graduated as MS in Biomedical Forensic Sciences from Boston University School of Medicine. Also, she was awarded the medallion from the honors society for excellent academic performance during her course.
Paras Education Services is happy to fulfill her dreams and wishes many more wonderful achievements in her life.
Congratulations, Dr. Ketki!!


I would like to express my gratitude toward Paras Education Services for arranging and guiding me for my education loan for my Masters in the US. I had always heard that loan procedures are long, tiring and with a lot of procedures and documentation.

However, their support proved a boon to me and under their guidance, my loan got approved in no time and everything went smoothly.

- Rushabh Shah

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

It is really useful for the students coming from a background who cannot afford to pay tuition fees that is so expensive and have troubles to get the bank loans easily because of collateral and co-signor constraints.

Paras Education Services actually helps a lot to students who have dreams and look forward to achieving them.

Devang Desai

Stevens Institute of Technology (USA)

Greetings to Paras Education Foundation. Firstly, I want to thank sincerely to all to you. I would like to give some feedback and comments from what I have through the loan process. It took a month to process and was easier than I thought. You all are always willing to help anytime and really patient. I feel released after I've got approved and I just need to follow up with my school. Thank you very much for helping me to achieve my dream.


Khin Thinzar
University: SUNY - Buffalo


Bharti mam /Mr Sam ,

In reference to my approved loan dated, I am writing you to express my heartfelt gratitude. I promise to fulfill the terms of payment we agreed. This is a really great help and I do not know how to thank you. It has been nice experience doing business with you.

It was really easy to work with you. Team Paras is really very cooperative & prompt. Once again I thank you for the same.


Shikha Kuntal Sanghvi

This is Mohit Chandarana. I am writing this on behalf of my parents and my consignor and me, to thank everyone at Paras Education Services for all their help and support right from the loan application towards the disbursement of the loan. Northeastern University, has confirmed the receipt of the loan amount and are in process to refund the credit balance to me. Everything pertaining to the entire process was communicated on time to us which made everything very easy, convenient and comfortable. Also, I would like to thank you to accommodate all the requests of my co-signor so that she was rest assured of helping me out for the loan application.

- Mohit Chandarana
University : Northeastern University

Paras is one of the best loan services. They are very costumer friendly and easy to reach. Paras helped me make my dreams into reality. They were very helpful and the rate they offered me was very good too. I would definitely recommend other people to go with paras. I will continue with paras to complete my education.

University: State University of New York, Albany.

Respected Bharati madam, I am pleased to acknowledge my sincere thanks to paras foundation trust & you in particular for the valuable loan facility made available for my education in USA. I had to contact you many times since I was worried of due date of fees remittance approaching fast.I thank you for all your efforts to meet my loan requirements well in time.I just want to endorce my view that once paras takes the Case one has to be rest assured of fulfillment. One thing I wish to bring to your notice that we in USA have to phone your office at midnight here but nobody answers the call in the morning office hours that are mentioned on your website. I hope you will look into this matter and take appropriate actions. I thank you & the entire team of Paras Foundation once again. Sincerely yours.

University:University of Florida.

Dear Sir, Hereby, I, Sanjana Parekh would like to thank you for helping me to get loan and making my dream to study in USA a reality. Must appreciate your work and meticulous support and services towards the same. Your efficiency has fetch me a great interest rate. Thanking you ,

University: Santa Clara University.

My experience with paras was amazing. Very helpful whenever we approach them. Paras Education Services were very helpful with the entire process of loan sanctioning. Thanks to Mrs. Bharati for her help and resolving all of my doubts regarding the loan procedure. The entire procedure was seemless. The service provided by Paras Education Services is very helpful for the students, and i have promoted it on Facebook and WhatsApp with my friends. The only suggestion for paras is to create a formal feedback form.

University: Syracuse University.

It was a really great experience to work with The Paras Education Foundation. The staff was fabulous. During any of the situation which I faced during the whole process, the foundation was very helpful in facing that. I can't forget to thanks Miss Maya and Bharti madam who has supported me a lot. I am really happy and satisfied with the working pattern also. Once again I would like to thank each and every one who helped me directly or indirectly in funding my education in The USA from Paras Education Foundation Thank You

University: California State University.

My experience with Paras foundation has been excellent due too the sheer fluidity of the process. I was never stuck as each step was clearly defined. Mrs. Bharti really helped throughout the process. I have no complaints at all.

University: Georgia Institute of Technology.

The process was a smooth one and I would like to thank Bharti Ma’am and Mr. George for it as they have been really helpful I am happy to have chosen Paras Education services to for the education loan as they helped me at all points and even though I was a little late in the process, Paras helped me catch up to get my payments done on time So thanks to the whole team.

University: Northeastern University

I would like to thank you and your team, for the kind efforts in providing me the loan. Whenever I had some doubts, you and other members of Paras were always very helpful in clarifying the same. The loan application process went very smoothly without any hindrance because of you and other members. Whenever an opportunity arises I shall always recommend your organization. I wish you and all the members the very best in life.

University: Syracuse University

My education counsellor first suggested me about Paras Foundation when I expressed to her that I was considering to take a loan for my higher studies. Everyone in Paras Foundation was very helpful and helped my dad and me to understand every step of the process. My loan was approved in 2 months and I got it at a very low rate of interest. Even my co-signer was really happy the way Paras reached out to them for all documents and securely maintained the necessary documents. They would send out reminder emails, incase we missed any of them. I’m really grateful to the entire Paras Foundation team for helping me out with my loan process.

University:University of Maryland - Baltimore

Paras Educational services helped me a lot to get my loan finalized even though I went through multiple co-signers they completed the process over again. They were always available on call to clear all my doubts. They have made the tedious process of applying for the US based loan easier, the entire process was online and very easy to follow and with their help I have now successfully funded my education for my masters degree. Thanks to them for all their help.

- Harsh Doshi
University: MS, Robert H. Smith School of Business


Ravi Patel

I am very much grateful to Paras Education Foundation, as they helped me throughout the whole process and without their help, my dream of studying abroad would not be successful. They always answered my queries whenever I had any problem without any delay. They always guided me without any time barrier and processed my loan smoothly. Especially Bharti Mam personally took interest and cleared all my doubts and helped the process to go fast.


I was very worried about the fact that I would not be able to pursue my masters in the US because I did not have the requisite funds to be able to finance my educational expenses. However, Paras Loans helped me secure a loan speedily and without any hassles. The loan process was very smooth, right from the application form through to the sanctioning of the loan with very minimal documents required, a welcome relief from the document-heavy process that other banks follow. The loan application process and repayment terms were explained in a clear manner and the low interest rates offer us, the students with ample breathing space when trying to pay back some of the interest during school.
I wouldn't have been able to realize my dreams of pursuing higher education in the US had it not been for the tremendous support and guidance that the Paras team provided me with. I am extremely thankful to them and wish that every student has the chance to get a loan sanctioned in minimal time through Paras.

- Arbaz Surti
University: Masters in Information Science, Texas A & M University

Paras loan helped me get education loan without collateral and at a very attractive interest compared to Indian banks as my relative was available in the US. My education in USA was made possible due to the loan. My current internship at bay area is indirectly made possible through your loan. I wish paras foundation all the best in the future to keep helping Indian students the dream of US education.

- Bharath Sreenivasa
University: Computer Science, University Of Massachusetts Amherst


Studying in US is a dream for millions of kids around the world. I also had a dream of studying medicine in the US. Paras education services provided me guidance and support to study medicine in the US.
They were very helpful, efficient and transparent in the entire process of application. Mrs Bharati was especially helpful in providing information with regards to available resources for education in the US. I cannot thank them enough for helping me in pursuing my dream of becoming a physician in the US.

- Maulik Dhanda

Dr. Satya S. Chakrabarty

I am Dr. Satya, an Occupational Medicine specialist based in Qatar. It was my dream to pursue masters in Public Health or Healthcare Management in USA/ Canada. After taking formal examinations and completing requisite application process, I received an offer of admission to MS in Health Care Management program at the celebrated Johns Hopkins University (JHU), USA, this year. Though I also received a partial scholarship from JHU, to arrange for sufficient funds to take care of my studies at JHU and other associated expenses, became a financial challenge for me.


Yash Shah

Meet our student, Yash Shah who shares his experience with Paras Education Services.
We are really happy that our efforts will bring his dreams into reality. You go conquer the world, Yash!

(Accepted at Rutgers University for Aug 2018 intake, Master of Information Technology Analytics.)


Ketki Bagwe

She believed she could, so she did!
Dr. Ketki Bagwe and her proud parents at Graduation Day, Boston!!


Purvi Parikh

I always had a dream to go to the United States to do my Masters and well Paras Education Services played an integral role in making this dream come true.


Shazman Khan

I have had an excellent experience with the paras team . They are very knowledgeable regarding the whole process of securing a loan along with visa assistance as well .


Zalak Dave

TPEF is definitely the place to go to secure your finances in a very simple, hassle free and transparent procedure. The team has a very positive spirit and genuinely wants to help students secure their higher education dream.


I am Prerana THM studying at the University of Southern California. I really appreciate and thank Paras Education Services Loan Services for sanctioning my loan at a good and low rate of interest and in helping me fulfill my dream of doing Master's. From the initial point even before I started applying for the loan they supported me and were very responsive to all my queries. I would highly recommend Paras Education Services Loan Services to all the students who are planning to take up loan for higher education. Their process is very convenient and you can just drop a mail or call them for any queries. They will surely respond."

- Prerana T H M
University: University of Southern California

If you are planning to study in USA, then Paras Education Services is what you need.!! Coming from a normal family background , dreaming of studying in USA was next to impossible until i was introduced to Paras Education Services. I got my loan of $45,000/- sanctioned only at 2.9% p. a. rate of interest and with various repayment options at California State University.. Which is unexpectedly amazing!! The whole loan process was online and very smooth with prompt responses and very less paperwork. The transparency is highly appreciated. Thank you Paras for making my dream come true.. It wouldn't have been possible without your help !! Thank you once again !!

- Bushra Shaikh
University: California State University

Today when i write this, I sincerely can't find enough words to thank you and the entire Paras team for their efforts in getting this loan through and let me live my dream. Thank you so much.

It is only because of your team efforts and timely action that students like me can go ahead and have the confidence to pursue something big.



I am a Fall 2016 student at Northeastern University. Paras Education Services helped me with my finances for my graduation degree! They helped me to acquire lower interest rates for the loan and also were a great help while the process was going on. Their process was easy and fast.
The disbursements had a perfect timing, so I had no trouble with the university. My experience with the helpline number was also quite good. Everything related to Paras Education Services is methodical and easy to follow.

- Gaurav Korgaonkar
University: Northeastern University

Every small kid when being asked has a wild dream job. Mine was to become an Astronaut and travel across the cosmos. But these dreams usually die out during the process of growing up. Most dreams don't have realistic pegs to support them. Surprisingly, my dream survived through adolescent. My longing for being an astronaut was still there, I just had to find a way to make this dream come true. By the time I was ready to apply for grad school, I already had a good understanding of Robotics Engineering, built during my research internships and undergrad projects. I found a way to connect robotics with space but the opportunities at the end of that tunnel were in the far west (USA).

- Pallav Kothari
University: University of Michigan


I would like to say that Paras Education Services makes your loan process effortless and easy.
You cannot find such support from any other bank. I'd like people to be aware of such organization that help students achieve their dreams. They are genuine and fund for any type of study in abroad.
Perks of taking loan from Paras :
Low rate of interest below 7% or even 5%
Simplified loan process
No mortgage
Supports your living and other expenses with your tuition fees
Guidance from them

I had a great experience with them and would like other students to experience this too.

- Riddhi Malpekar
University: Northeastern University

Thank you so very much for all of your help in securing our loan for my overseas education. You were organized & thorough & professional, as well as kind which made all of the difference in our interactions with you. We put our trust in you and you most definitely came through for us. Our hats off to you!! Thanks again!!

- Aadesh Randeria
University: Northeastern University

I think Paras Education Services is best in proving loans due to following features of this foundation.

1) Transparency
2) No Cheating
3) Easy to go process
4) No too much overhead (i.e. no too much paper work only few of them) and you get the loan.
5) Trustworthy
6) Giving more than enough time for the repayment
7) Less Rate of Interest
8) Co-operative and friendly
9) Always attend your query in positive manner at any time
10) Staff is too supportive

- Milind Parikh
University: California State University

I personally have had loan taken and approved via Paras! They are really helpful and keep a great amount of transparency.

The good thing is that they do not take a lot of your time, since before coming to the united states a lot of things need to be taken care of and I'm sure loan is pretty important and filling out things can be time consuming, plus being inexperienced you may make a mistake! Trust me, before coming here let loan be Paras's worry. Get everything else done and spend time with your family.

More importantly, they stick to their word, no extra cost no shady stuff! Just the loan as promised with an interest that is affordable. I'm close to my graduation and there has been no problem so far.

- Vivek Patani
University: Indiana University, Bloomington


I would like to thank Paras Education Services for assisting me with the loan application process so that I could fulfill my dream of studying in the US. Overall, I have had a very positive experience so far.The loan application and approval processes were simple, organized and hassle-free. I would also like to express my appreciation of the help and guidance I received from Ms. Bharati at the Paras Education Services Mumbai office and Ms. Maya who has been in communication with me throughout about all important formalities. I very much hope to maintain this open and collaborative relationship in my future association with TPEF.

- Nija Nitin Desai

Loan amount: $65,000/-
University: Columbia University


Today when i write this, I sincerely can't find enough words to thank you and the entire Paras team for their efforts in getting this loan through and let me live my dream. Thank you so much.

It is only because of your team efforts and timely action that students like me can go ahead and have the confidence to pursue something big.


I heard about Paras Education Services from my friends. They help students find student education loans across many countries in the most appropriate manner.

Coming from a humble financial background, team Paras assisted me to reach my goals by reassuring me how this loan process would go through. Right from the application process to closing the loan out, I was guided well. They helped me sponsor a big loan amount for me to pursue and fulfill my dreams at the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. Thank you Paras Education Services for being open, straight forward, reassuring and prompt throughout. I do owe you my success.

- Ravi Hariani

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Loan amount: $53,876/-
University: Eller College of Management, University of Arizona

Having heard laurels about Paras Education Services from my friends, I decided to go ahead with them to finance my Masters dream at NC State University.

From the beginning the entire process was clear and counselors were available to clarify doubts, if any. The entire process has been quick and hassle free and I am glad I made a right choice by joining Paras Education Services. Special thanks to Bharti Ma'am for all her guidance.

- Krunal Sonpal

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Loan amount: $41,045/-
University: North Carolina State University