Thank you so very much for all of your help in securing our loan for my overseas education. You were organized & thorough & professional, as well as kind which made all of the difference in our interactions with you. We put our trust in you and you most definitely came through for us. Our hats off to you!! Thanks again!!

- Aadesh Randeria
University: Northeastern University

I think Paras Education Services is best in proving loans due to following features of this foundation.

1) Transparency
2) No Cheating
3) Easy to go process
4) No too much overhead (i.e. no too much paper work only few of them) and you get the loan.
5) Trustworthy
6) Giving more than enough time for the repayment
7) Less Rate of Interest
8) Co-operative and friendly
9) Always attend your query in positive manner at any time
10) Staff is too supportive

- Milind Parikh
University: California State University

I personally have had loan taken and approved via Paras! They are really helpful and keep a great amount of transparency.

The good thing is that they do not take a lot of your time, since before coming to the united states a lot of things need to be taken care of and I'm sure loan is pretty important and filling out things can be time consuming, plus being inexperienced you may make a mistake! Trust me, before coming here let loan be Paras's worry. Get everything else done and spend time with your family.

More importantly, they stick to their word, no extra cost no shady stuff! Just the loan as promised with an interest that is affordable. I'm close to my graduation and there has been no problem so far.

- Vivek Patani
University: Indiana University, Bloomington


I would like to thank Paras Education Services for assisting me with the loan application process so that I could fulfill my dream of studying in the US. Overall, I have had a very positive experience so far.The loan application and approval processes were simple, organized and hassle-free. I would also like to express my appreciation of the help and guidance I received from Ms. Bharati at the Paras Education Services Mumbai office and Ms. Maya who has been in communication with me throughout about all important formalities. I very much hope to maintain this open and collaborative relationship in my future association with TPEF.

- Nija Nitin Desai

Loan amount: $65,000/-
University: Columbia University


Today when i write this, I sincerely can't find enough words to thank you and the entire Paras team for their efforts in getting this loan through and let me live my dream. Thank you so much.

It is only because of your team efforts and timely action that students like me can go ahead and have the confidence to pursue something big.


I heard about Paras Education Services from my friends. They help students find student education loans across many countries in the most appropriate manner.

Coming from a humble financial background, team Paras assisted me to reach my goals by reassuring me how this loan process would go through. Right from the application process to closing the loan out, I was guided well. They helped me sponsor a big loan amount for me to pursue and fulfill my dreams at the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. Thank you Paras Education Services for being open, straight forward, reassuring and prompt throughout. I do owe you my success.

- Ravi Hariani

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Loan amount: $53,876/-
University: Eller College of Management, University of Arizona

Having heard laurels about Paras Education Services from my friends, I decided to go ahead with them to finance my Masters dream at NC State University.

From the beginning the entire process was clear and counselors were available to clarify doubts, if any. The entire process has been quick and hassle free and I am glad I made a right choice by joining Paras Education Services. Special thanks to Bharti Ma'am for all her guidance.

- Krunal Sonpal

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Loan amount: $41,045/-
University: North Carolina State University


Paras Education Services were very helpful with the entire process of loan sanctioning. Thanks to Mrs. Bharati and Mrs. Maya for their help and resolving all of my doubts regarding the loan procedure. The entire procedure was smooth.

The service provided by Paras Education Services is very helpful for the students, and i have promoted it on Facebook and WhatsApp with my friends.

My friend, Darshan Shah has also contacted Mrs. Bharati for his loan procedure.

- Naman Sanjay Shah


Thank you for processing my loan application. I think going back a month or so ago, when my friend mentioned about Paras Education Services, I was very skeptical initially but the journey thereon has been very smooth.

What I would love to see changed possibly is a dedicated loan application handler at all times. I have received emails from several different people whom I have not even spoken to. If possible, Paras can look to change this in future so that there is bigger degree of confidence from loan applicant's side.

I will like the pages on Facebook and Twitter. However, I am not active on any other groups in particular but I will surely refer Paras in future to anyone planning to do further studies.

- Rahul


I would to thank you for making the process of applying for loan as smooth as possible and let you know how much I appreciate you helping me to make my dream come true. Now since the funds were finally disbursed, I would like to start repaying my loan. Could you provide me with the login information as well as instructions on how to make payments. Looking forward to hearing from you.

- Yelyzaveta

University: University of Arkansas
Loan amount: $10,537


Their process is smooth and well-defined and they guided us at every step till the loan amount was finally approved for disbursal.

- Darsh Desai


I cannot thank Paras Education Services enough for making my Master's journey so smooth financially. The help and guidance i received throughout was unparalleled. They opened new doors and horizons which i was totally unaware of. Each and every member of the team has been extremely helpful and patient. The entire experience with Paras Education Services was absolutely smooth and hassle free. My advice to anyone who is planning their Master's would be to make Paras Education Services their first pit stop and the journey from there will be extremely easier. Thank you Paras Education Services once again.

- Vatsal K Shah


Thank you for this positive news. I was really anxious for the last 2-3 weeks over this and its great that now certification is done. I would like to thank each and everyone involved from your end at the bottom of my heart. Studying in the US is part of my dream and finances are certainly one crucial aspect of it. Certainly Paras has done a great favor and helped me to arrange a loan at such cheap interest rates which in India would certainly not be possible. You guys have always been available on phone and have sorted most things very quickly. I would rate your services excellent till now. Please share the details with me so that I can view my details online and plan the interest and loan accordingly. Please tell me if I need to do anything else here in India. Thank you so much!!

- Sambhav Jain


When I had got a decent score in GRE and TOEFL, I was very keen to pursue my masters degree in the united states as it is at the forefront when it comes to technical and management studies and job opportunities. I knew I had the capabilities go abroad and make it happen but then as I started to evaluate the costing that would be involved to fund this project of mine, I fell short on the numbers and that kind of demotivated to be honest. As much as my family were eager to let me fly and go ahead, I definitely did not want them to bear the financial burden by removing their savings or taking a hefty loan with a crazy interest rate from an indian bank. When almost all hope seem to be lost, I was recommend to look at Paras Education Services. Initially, I was worried as to the concept of an INDIAN student taking a loan from the US without any collateral seemed to be fraudulent. However, all these doubts were cleared as soon as I got in touch with Paras Education Services.

- Ravi Hariani

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I would like to start from the day I had received a call from Paras Education Services about an enquiry for loan, I was not really interested in taking a loan so I was about to hang up the call, that call was from Bharti madam, trust me on this she got all this into my head and I am so happy that I attended that call and listened to what she said. Over my journey I had some ups-and-downs regarding the loan process- some delays, some confusions and lots and lots of tension about the loan getting approved. Throughout the process I would say that Bharti madam and Patel Sir have helped me a lot, I am gratefully to them for the help and support.

- Jay Dave

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 PARAS has handled all the red tape and kept me updated regularly about the loan application. PARAS Education Loan Services have also been always available in case I needed any help in filling the forms related to loan application. They have provided me with accurate information relating to any of my concerns. Also, the procedure from paying the initial fees at PARAS to getting my loan approved has been very straight forward. PARAS managed all the formalities related to the ascertaining the credit history of my co-signor and this saved a lot of my time. Also, the payments can me made online, which can save people from the hassle of handing over cash to them in person. Overall, I would recommend people to opt for PARAS educational loan since the process is very smoothly managed by trained staff.

- Chirag M. Shah


I have taken a loan of 25,000 USD from Paras for my course of Masters in Management Information Systems at the University of Houston Clear Lake. From day one all the Paras officers were extremely helpful and made sure the whole process was explained to me clearly from the start. Once the process began any and every doubt of mine was instantly cleared with a simple phone call to Paras. The emails sent out from Paras are instant, especially the emails regarding Payment Confirmations. What I appreciate beyond anything is the fact that an officer will always respond to your call/email without any waiting time or voice recordings. The whole process of taking this loan was made easy and as long as I followed the required steps it got completed effortlessly.

- Nikhil Nandakumar


My experience with Paras Education Services was wonderful.These loan provided a bridge for me to get more definitive financing and to help us move ahead with my education plans.The rep were very professional, kind, understanding and also, If I needed something, I can call them and they has been extremely helpful so I very strongly recommend Paras Education Services. I enjoyed working with them and they got the job done. Paras made my loan process very easy and efficient. Overall, they've been great and I would totally recommend Paras. Let me know if you require anything else from my end. Thanks and Regards

- Mixit Sheth


I was really excited when finally i got an admit from the New York University. But the admit was followed by an i20 which had the amount for tuition and expenses for living in the New York city. It was a huge amount and I was a bit skeptical about accepting the admit. The reason being I did not want my parents to spend any more money on my education though they were willing to do so. The loan amount being approximately 35 lac rupees [INR] it was difficult for me to get the loan for the entire amount and even if I did my parents would have to keep some property as mortgage which I did not want. Then my cousin sister told me about Paras Education Services.

- Pranav Gurav

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I am admitted to George Mason University with the help of Paras Education Services. My overall experience with Paras Education was outstandingly satisfactory and glad that I had chosen Paras for Study abroad. Paras Education was very flexible and convenient due to their on-line process. Also very helpful in regards to answering the call or e-mail. The best part of the Paras Education Services is that you have good co-operation and jell with university and Bank at same time.
Other attractive features were repayment period and its flexibility, low interest rate with no physical mortgage or no any other security. Only suggestion from my side is that please if you can advertise more of Paras Education Services, so that many needy student can be aware of such facilities and benefits to select Paras Education. Thank You for your comprehensive support, and I would definitely recommend Paras Education with my friends and relatives. If any of the Paras student needed help or guidance for me regarding George Mason University, please let me know. I am more than happy to help Paras Students. Thank You once again.

- Yash Muni


I am thankful to Paras Education Services for help me financially with the loan and converting my dreams to reality. I have been working for my masters since almost two years and it would have been an absolute waste had they not helped in time to fund my further education. I am grateful to entire paras education team who guided us through the whole process of application. I belong to a middle class indian family and like every other family it was always difficult to walk through the process without additional help. I am lucky to have met Bharti Ma'am and Paras Education Services at the right time and fulfill my career aspirations. In the end I would like to say that paras education is doing a great job helping deserving students reach their career goals and I hope they help more and more students in near future. I will always be thankful to the foundation for all the help.

- Harshil Sheth


I would like to thank your organization, Paras Education Services for their excellent support. Your counselors Bharti Mam, Noel Sir, Maya Mam and others in the foundation took care of all my queries in a jiffy and lead me to getting a loan sanctioned and removing a huge burden from me. The entire procedure was smooth, systematic and methodical and the responses given to my query were also quick which helped the entire process to be completed within one month. The communication between the foundation, Citizens Bank and my University was also quick due to which I got my Disbursement Letter within 3-4 days after Sanction Letter was send to the University. The only aspect that I felt is negative, is that the email from your foundation come late in evening which makes it difficult to give the required details on the same day. Rather if the mails are send in the morning, it becomes easy to resolve the queries on the very same day. I am really grateful to the foundation and its counselors for helping me to achieving my dreams and supporting me financially.

- Bansal Shah


Thank you so much for your support on short notice. I really glad that I am with Paras Education Services. And yes, I am trying to give information about Paras Education Services among students aiming towards study abroad. Thank you once again.

- Badal Kshatriya


I sincerely thank you and your team to help me in my loan sanction process via Paras Education Services. The whole process of loan sanction was flawless and everyone at the Mumbai office was friendly and helpful, solving all the doubts that I had during this process. Special thanks to Bharati Madam and Maya Madam for patiently answering to all the queries. The loan sanction process was quite smooth. I would certainly recommend the Paras Foundation to all my cousins and friends who wish to study abroad and fulfill their dreams of a great career. It felt like my family helping me out for my loan processing. I personally thank the Paras Education Services, its founders and the entire team for helping students to fulfill their education dreams. It is quite a noble and benevolent act. You guys are doing an excellent job! I have already strongly recommended and solved queries of many students from Syracuse university and other universities to avail loan from your foundation. Any student from Syracuse contacting you should be my reference mostly.

- Apurva Mehta


Thank you for processing my loan application! I am happy with the service provided by Paras Education Services regarding my loan application. It was a great experience with you and I greatly appreciate your assistance. The documents required for loan application were very less, which made the process much easier. All my questions were answered promptly by the staff on phone as well as by emails, making it a seamless process. Thank you for your support!

- Purva Jagdale


Maya and the PARAS Trustees, Thank you so much for your Generosity and helping one more person to fulfill his dream and that is the best gift anyone can receive in his life. Congratulations Bhavin and make sure you live up to the expectation and make proud your parents and the PARAS trust so they helps more people like you..

- Sandeep Jobalia


I thank Paras for unconditionally approving my loan amount. I would like to state that the entire process has been very smooth and hassle free. Any loan application needs to be hassle free to provide comfort to the loanee and I felt that your services ensured that.

- Pradeep O. P.